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§  The 64-bit operating system can recognize up to 128 GB of RAM.
§  The 64-bit operating system has additional modes of operation.
§  The 64-bit operating system memory management system enhances program performance.
Which two quick solutions are commonly recommended when a technician is trouble shooting a laptop? (Choose two)
§  Reboot a laptop
§  Disconnect a peripherals
When installing the windows XP operating system, a technician is given a choice of file system to use. If security is   a requirement, which file system should be chosen?
Which power mode should be used by a laptop so that all the data is saved, all the applications the user was working on are left open, and there is no power used by the laptop?
§  Hibernate
§  An update of spyware removal tools
§  An update of antivirus scanner software
A technician is asked to set up one hard drive that will support  two operating system and will store data files in three separate drive locations. Which partition setting will support these requirements?
§  2 primary, 1 active, 1 extended, 3 logical
A user calls the help desk and complains that a networked printer that is controlled by a printer server cannot be accessed. The user mentions that the printer worked fine just an hour earlier. The support technician asks the user if other employees in the same office can print to the networked printer and the user responds that they have the same access problem. What should the technician do next to determine the exact cause?
§  Reconfigure the printer on a different port
§  Comfort a costumer by minimizing the costumer problem
§  Let a costumer finish talking before asking additional questions
Which two memory types are installed using Dual inline Memory Module (DIMM) slots? (Choose two)
A school is adding computers to a classroom that has none. What type of LAN would the school choose to take advantage of commonly implemented wired technologies?
§  Ethernet
A computer technician opens a PC and notices an empty AGP slot on the motherboard. What type of adapter can take advantage of this slot?
§  Video card
A technician is repairing Windows XP and wants to keep all of the application setting in the operating system. The technician is using the repair XP option and has rebooted the computer. A message appears on the screen stating “press any key to boot from the CD or DVD.” What should the technician do?
§  The technician should press the space bar so that installation can continue.
A technician is designing a hardware preventive maintenance plan for a company. Which strategy should be included in the plan?
ü  Schedule and document routine maintenance tasks
A company is expanding its business to other countries. All branch offices must remain connected to corporate headquarters at all times. Which network technology is required to support this requirement?
ü  WAN
ü  320 GB SATA hard drive
ü  3 GB DDR2 RAM
A user believes that a data file on a Windows XP computer has been corrupted. Which utility can provide the best information about the data?
The current IP configuration of a small company is done manually and is time-consuming. Because of increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler way for IP configuration of workstation. Which service would simplify the workstation IP configuration tasks?
ü  Enabling ACPI through system BIOS setting
Which two types of connectors can be found on DVI cables? (Choose two)

Which two general precautions should be taken before replacing any non-hot-swappable laptop component? (Choose two)
ü  Disconnect the power cord
ü  Remove any batteries
Which firewall port number or number combination must be open in order to remotely access a network device using SSH?
·         22
Which measures can help control RFI effect?
·         Ensure the wireless network is on a different frequency than the offending sources
What is the purpose of Windows Vista 64-bit Kernel Patch Protection?
·         It prevents third party drivers from modifying the operation system Kernel

Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco Networking Academy instructor is trying to print a flash graphic from the curriculum. The print job has gone into the print queue as shown. Based on the output, what should be the next step in solving this problem?
·         Check the printer cabling and power
Which motherboard feature controls the amount of data that a CPU transfer at one time?
·         Front side bus
ABC inc. decided to integrate redundancy by connecting multiple hard disks to duplicate the information they store. Which type of adapter will need to be installed on the servers to accomplish the desired redundancy?
·         RAID adapter
A technician notices that a data floppy disk is in the floppy disk drive of a computer when it is powered on. Which error message could this potentially cause?
·         Invalid system disk
A technician wishes to boot a computer using a CD-ROM that contains a limited operating system and diagnostic utilities. Where would the technician set the boot order for the PC?
·         BIOS
A user is reporting that a new external hard drive is defective. The laptop will allow access to the drive at times, and then will report that the drive cannot be found. Upon an initial examination of the laptop, it is discovered that the user has ten USB devices connected to the laptop.
What is the best quick solution to this problem?
·         Replace the USB hub and observe the results
A costumer needs to purchase a new power supply for a computer. What must be considered when selecting an appropriate power supply?
·         The power supply has sufficient wattage to support all components inside the computer
What is a benefit of using the USB or FireWire ports to connect peripherals to a laptop?
·         The peripherals can be plugged in and out without turning the laptop off
When a Windows XP computer has completed the POST for each adapter card that has a BIOS, what is the next step during the boot sequence?
·         BIOS reads the MBR
A technician is explaining the differences between inkjet printers and laser printers to a costumer. Which two comparisons should the technician make? (Choose two.)
ü  Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers
ü  The laser printer output is dry after printing, but an inkjet printer may still have wet ink on the paper after printing

Refer to exhibit. Which sequence of steps describes the printing process used by a laser printing?
·         2,5,3,4,1,6
When installing a service pack or security patches on an operating system, what should be done to protect the system in the event of a faulty or aborted installation?
·         Create a restore point
·         Listen to the complaint and then apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lengthy service on the computer
A computer can access devices on the same network but can not access devices on other networks. What is the probable cause of this problem?
·         The computer has an invalid default gateway address.
The technician has been asked to upgrade the printer driver for an old printer. What is the best source for a new driver?
·         Manufacturer’s website
A directly-attached printer has always failed to work. Printer jobs and test page to print, but the printer self-test page prints OK. If the cabling is installed correctly, what is most likely the problem?
·         A dry print cartridge
A customer used the convert. Exe utility to take advantage of NTFS security features. The customer later discovered that the application on the computer can only read FAT32 files. After the hard drive was formatted back to FAT32, the customer noticed all of the data files are missing,. What should the customer do next?
·         Restore the data files that were backed up in preparation for the conversion
·         Spoofing
·         Ethernet and Star
Which statement correctly identifies extended memory?
·         Memory allocation from 1 MB to the amount of RAM that is installed
A network administrator is troubleshooting a server that keeps crashing. While monitoring traffic to the server, the administrator notices repeated, larger than normal pings to the server. What is the name of this type of attack?
·         Ping of death
Which Windows tool should be run before upgrading the operating system?
Ø  Ntbackup
Refer to the exhibit. What command was typed to produce the output that is shown?
Ø  Ipconfig/all
Which technique is used to reduce the amount of power used the CPU in a laptop computer?
Ø  Hyperthreading
Ø  coaxial
A technician just terminated some fiber optic cable and needs to properly dispose of the hazardous waste created during the termination. What document would the technician use to identify the proper disposal method for the waste?
A customer reports that after using a computer for over a year, the computer now takes more time to access the files. Which management tool can be used first, before any other complex procedure?
Ø  Defrag
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A technician is asked to wire a network that supports CSMA/CD. Which architecture and physical topology should the technician use for supporting this access control method?
Ethernet and Star
FDDI and Ring
Token Ring and Double Ring
Wireless and Ring
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Which three benefits are gained by networking computers? (Choose three.)
decreased need of personal training
fewer peripherals needed
decreased computer-to-user ratio
lower cost licensing
increased user specialization
increased communication capabilities
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A call center technician is on a call with a customer when a colleague indicates that there is something to discuss. What should the technician do?
Interrupt the customer and ask whether the customer would mind going on hold for a few minutes.
Tell the customer that the call will be put on hold for a few minutes.
Signal to the colleague to wait.
Mute the line to the customer while discussing the issue with the colleague.
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While troubleshooting a computer on which the operating system fails to boot, a technician has checked that there are no non-bootable media in the disk drives, tried using the Last Known Good Configuration option, and attempted to boot the computer in Safe Mode, all without success. Which further possible solution could be tried?
Ensure that the cooling fans are operating correctly.
Perform a Repair Installation of the operating system.
Update the operating system from the Windows Update website.
Use the Microsoft Management Console to repair the operating system.
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When installing the Windows XP operating system, a technician is given a choice of file systems to use. If security is a requirement, which file system should be chosen?
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A small business has used a high quality configurable flatbed scanner to scan a number of photographs to print as large posters. However, the quality of the images printed as posters is poor. What should the user do?
Replace the flatbed scanner with an all-in-one device.
Use OCR software when scanning the photographs.
Save the scanned file in JPEG not TIFF format.
Increase the resolution of the scanner.
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Refer to the exhibit. Which two port types are shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)
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What determines to which device the computer searches first to locate boot files?
partition size
type of partition
BIOS boot sequence option
the order in which the operating system or operating systems were installed
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A network technician receives an error that there is insufficient physical disk space on an external drive to hold a file from a Windows XP computer. What is a possible cause for the problem?
The technician lacks the file attribute rights to the file to copy it to the external drive.
The external drive is formatted with a FAT 32 file system and the file is too large for that file system.
The file is a system file and will cause the operating system to fail if it is moved.
The technician needs to add the file to the Master File System before trying to move the file.
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A newly hired technician is attaching a computer to the network. Upon examining the network configuration, the technician recognizes that the computer is configured with a protocol stack that is used for Internet communication. What protocol stack is installed on the computer?
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A technician has installed a new sound card in a PC but it is not operating correctly. Where should the technician look to investigate driver problems?
Computer Management
Device Manager
My Computer
System Tools
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Which three attributes of NTFS make it a better file system than FAT32? (Choose three.)
file and folder permission options
file size per volume of 4.17 million
large cluster size
encryption at the file and folder level
maximum individual file size of 4 GB
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A user has been writing data to a USB flash memory drive. What should the user do before removing the device?
Shut down the computer.
Click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray then on the device.
Right-click on the drive in My Computer, then click on Remove Drive .
Remove the power to the drive.
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A technician is troubleshooting a user complaint that a printer is not printing a report. Which step is one of the first that the technician should take?
Reinstall the printer driver.
Ensure that there is paper in the paper tray.
Supply a spare printer for the user until the problem is solved.
Check the Device Manager on the user computer for hardware problems.
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A user has a motherboard with a ZIF socket. Which type of processor connector can the user add to this motherboard?
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A company uses a single computer to receive and test all Windows updates. When the most recent update was installed, several programs failed. What is the first course of action that a technician should attempt to remove the update?
Run a System Restore from the last restore point.
Use the Add or Remove Hardware applet in the Control Panel to remove the update.
Restore the hard drive from the last system backup.
Use the Recovery Console to restore the operating system.
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Which two password control policies should an organization implement to ensure strong passwords? (Choose two.)
Passwords should be set to expire every 60 days.
Passwords should contain no more than eight characters.
Passwords must contain encrypted characters.
Passwords should contain letters and numbers.
Passwords should contain only capital letters.
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When starting a computer, a customer can no longer select two of the operating systems that are installed. Which file may be corrupted and causing this error?
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The current IP configuration of a small company is done manually and is time-consuming. Because of increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler way for IP configuration of workstations. Which service would simplify the workstation IP configuration task?
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A tire store needs to print customer invoices using carbon copy paper so that both the store and the customer have a copy. What is the best printer solution?
dye-sublimation printer
inkjet printer
thermal printer
impact printer
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Which type of memory is used for cache memory?
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A customer is upset and wants to speak to a specific technician to resolve a problem immediately. The requested technician is away from the office for the next hour. What is the best way to handle this call?
Refer the angry customer to a supervisor.
Advise the customer that the requested technician is out of the office and insist on trying to resolve the problem.
Make an offer to help the customer immediately, and advise the customer that otherwise the requested technician will call the customer back within two hours.
Ignore the request for the specific technician by walking through a step-by-step process with the customer in an attempt to refocus the customer and solve the problem.
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A technician is designing a hardware preventive maintenance plan for a company. Which strategy should be included in the plan?
Avoid performing maintenance operations on plug and play devices that are controlled by the operating system.
Only clean equipment that is requested by the customer.
Omit performing maintenance operations on components until the equipment malfunction.
Schedule and document routine maintenance tasks.
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What are two recommended procedures for dealing safely with an office fire? (Choose two.)
Use some form of a Class C fire extinguisher to fight an electrical fire.
Use a Class A fire extinguisher to fight an electrical fire.
Do not fight a fire that is out of control.
Do not point a fire extinguisher at the base of the fire.
Use a Class B fire extinguisher to fight a combustible metal fire.
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All default Windows XP tools and utilities are installed on a computer. The technician discovered that a few other Windows components are still needed. Which procedure can accomplish this task?
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Choose Task Manager > Performance > Add/Remove Windows Components
Open the Windows XP CD. Locate the Windows Components folder. Right click on Component. Choose Install.
Right click on the Desk Top. Choose Properties > Settings > Add/Remove Windows Components
Choose Start > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components
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Which protocol adds security to remote connections?
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What is the purpose of wearing an antistatic wrist strap?
to reduce the electrical charge to a harmless level in a monitor
to protect the user from any harmful electrical discharge
to equalize the electrical charge between the user and the equipment
to monitor the electrical charge that is generated between the user and the equipment
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A user is experiencing slow print rates when printing files that contain large complex graphics. What could be done to improve performance?
Use better quality media.
Add memory to the printer.
Run regular self-tests and test pages.
Change the printer cabling from parallel to serial.
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ABC Company wants to configure laptops to automatically power components off to improve battery life. Which power management control can be used to accomplish this?
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What do the terms refresh rate, interlace, and aspect ratio explain?
hard drive efficiency
audio signal
scanner output
image properties of a monitor
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Which Registry file contains information about all software that is installed on a Windows XP computer?
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A technician needs to configure the hard drive on a computer so that there appears to be one drive for the operating system and four drives for data from different applications. How can the hard drive be configured to provide this perception?
Create five primary partitions.
Create one extended partition with five logical drives within it.
Create one primary partition and an extended partition with four logical drives within it.
Create five extended partitions.
Create one logical partition with five primary partitions within it.
Create one primary partition and one logical partition with four logical drives within it.
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Which two items are required to configure a laptop for 100 Mb/s full-duplex Ethernet communications? (Choose two.)
an antenna
twisted-pair cable
a phone cable
a port that has been enabled in BIOS
an ExpressBus expansion card
IP address and subnet mask
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How does MAC address filtering enable wireless network security at the device level?
Device MAC addresses are encrypted before being transmitted over the network.
MAC address mutual authentication is enabled between the wireless client and the network.
Use is made of a lightweight access point architecture to control wireless device network access.
The unique MAC address of each wireless device is filtered and only those addresses entered are allowed network access.
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A technician notices that a data floppy disk is in the floppy disk drive of a computer when it is powered on. Which error message could this potentially cause?
device / service failed to start
floppy disk corrupted
invalid system disk
corrupted driver
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A computer user buys a low priced replacement monitor but finds that there is a lot of flicker. The flicker makes the monitor unusable. Which characteristic of a monitor needs to be considered to ensure flicker-free viewing?
aspect ratio
dot pitch
refresh rate
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A technician is troubleshooting a problem where the user claims that access to the Internet is not working, but that there was access to the Internet the day before. Upon investigation, the technician determines that the user cannot access the network printer in the office either. The network printer is on the same network as the computer. The computer has assigned as an IP address. What is the most likely problem?
The IP address needs to be renewed.
The default gateway on the computer is incorrect.
The network interface card driver needs to be updated.
The router that connects this network to other networks is down.
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A company computer use policy recommends that hard drive defragmentation be performed every six months. What is the purpose of this preventive maintenance routine?
reducing repair costs
providing data protection
reducing computer downtime
increasing computer performance
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A technician installed a network adapter in a computer and wants to test network connectivity. The ping command can only receive a response from local workstations. What could be causing the problem?
The NIC driver is out of date.
The operating system is not compatible with the remote sites.
The TCP/IP protocol stack is not loaded.
The default gateway is not set.
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Which two technologies enable printers to be accessed by multiple network users? (Choose two.)
IEEE 1394
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Which two general precautions should be taken before replacing any non-hot-swappable laptop component? (Choose two.)
Disconnect the power cord.
Keep any component in a plastic bag until installation.
Remove any batteries.
Use carpets in cool areas.
Wear rubber-soled shoes to work with the computer.
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Which port is used only for input?
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Where can a user change the idle time after which a laptop will switch to standby mode?
Right-click the desktop, then click Power Modes > Standby.
Right-click My Computer, then click Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > ACPI.
Left-click Start > Control Panel > Power Options, then click the Power Schemes tab.
Left-click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Power Management.
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A technician is having trouble with laptops that keep overheating. What preventive maintenance procedure can be performed on the laptops to reduce this problem?
Regularly replace the laptop battery.
Encourage users to run the laptop from the battery more often.
Encourage users to run the laptop from the AC adapter more often.
Remove and clean the CPU.
Clean the air vents.
Replace the fan.
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ABC Inc. decided to integrate redundancy by connecting multiple hard disks to duplicate the information they store. Which type of adapter will need to be installed on the servers to accomplish the desired redundancy?
Wireless NIC
USB gateway
RAID adapter
multiple slave hard disk adapter
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